Dear Participant! Welcome to the 2020 web edition of the Camerino Summer School! 

This year the COVID19 pandemic has largely devastated our world causing a painful and not yet ended chain of illness and death along its progressive diffusion all over the Earth. As a minor, but important, collateral effect of the pandemic, all university institutions and research centers worldwide have suffered a lot and our PhD students have not been able to carry out research in their laboratories for several months. Most of them will not be able to participate in any face-to-face training activities in 2020. 

In this frame, we do believe it is important to give them an opportunity that they may no longer have during their training course: attend webinars given by top-level scientists, be able to interact scientifically and, if they want, even present a small contribution in front of them. 

For this reason, we have decided to organize a web edition of the Camerino summer school, one of the oldest School in Chemistry currently held in Italy, with a long-lasting tradition and high reputation in the international scientific community. The School this year has been named as the International School of Chemistry “Chemistry for everyday life” and has been thought and assembled as a general school of chemistry dedicated to present the views of a group of outstanding speakers delivering lectures on some of the Global challenges facing mankind and, therefore, affecting the everyday life of all of us with a genuine multidisciplinary approach where the word Chemistry is inflected through some of the hottest and actual topics like Health, Energy, Environment, Green economy and Innovative materials. 

Hopefully, we anticipate a friendly atmosphere of the School with our young participants actively involved in stimulating discussions with the lecturers, flash-presentations and abstract submissions (3 ECTS will be assigned to the participant on the request) and able to bring back home a sound memory of an excellent vocational training path. 

Claudio & Maurizio




The school is open to a maximum of 500 persons